The Poetic Programmer

A dual personality some may say

But in reality it may not be that way

He thinks with his head - a hacker

He thinks with his heart - a poet

On one hand, he’s for the arts

On the other, he’s for Science

But who’ll say there’s no science in poems?

Or that hacking is no Art?

He writes and he types

Word processing and IDE

His PC is his love

A geek to the core

Rhythms and Rhymes

Keywords and commands

It’s all about the meter

It’s all about the script

Either for a poem or a program

All he needs is to be creative

‘Think with your head - bring us a code’

‘Think with the heart - bring us a psalm’

And so I like to see him

Looking out the window, milling the rhymes

Or looking into Windows, killing the bugs

Kudos to the poetic programmer

Or shall I say the geeky poet?

It’s all about hacking

It’s all about rhyming.

_OwSeGa, 2013